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Fantastic little game you have here, very enjoyable, nice little character customization, fun battles,nice selection of quests, i enjoyed this a lot, 10/10, this game will become popular.

Absolutely love it, i have never played a game as much as i have with this, this is truly one of my favorite flash games, i got 7 hours out of this, i really did enjoy it, i loved each upgrade and to be fair the animations were great, this is going into my favorites and i hope to play it again some time,this game has so much to offer, 5/5 always

love the animation of the cactus, just press space 30 times in a row, :P

Great game for wasting away time, i like how upgrades do make a huge difference, it was easy, and fun, all and all it was pretty enjoyable, and for those of you who want to know what wave the robot is, its at the end of wave 20, great game, i like it !

Took some time to load, but after it did i enjoyed it a lot, i love your animation style, great job,


great game, very well done, i like the objective and the music loop is very catchy too, at first i said, what is this, but after 10 seconds i was enjoying it


did not expect this game to be so good, its outstanding, i cant stop playing it, great job man this is awesome, first thing i noticed was Prototype, then after reading your COMMENT you mention that, so you did good, i was able to notice prototype, so the game did its job :), love the controls, the wall running is sick, i love spamming X, just looks cool and you kill everything, great job man, i love it, 10/10 always


damn this is addicting, i was about to go to bed, its now 03:30 am. i like it, good job, fun, easy and addictive

love it

Very enjoyable, took me awhile to get used to it, but after i did i kept on playing, its great game,

i like

very enjoyable, i like it, easy to play, and has bit of a challange at the same time

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