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it goes to show, no matter how bad things get, there is always someone out there, you just need to be willing to look for it, i really enjoyed this, great upload

ohh my this certainly looks interesting, i'm definitely going to be keeping a look out for this,great teaser trailer, 10/10


haha that's cute if anything, love it :D simple yet beautiful

i like it

i love the 3d house animation

love it

5/5 always, but 8/10. yes its a great series, but learn to make something longer then 5 minutes, a lot of us cant wait for this, and after the long wait just as we are about to smile, To be continued pops up,i do love it though, what i do find interesting is the ( comment to be continued ), see sucks don't it ?


Very very enjoyable, i love the main character, reminds me so much like someone i know, and the drawing style actually suits it a lot, great upload man, i love it

love it,

my 3rd time watching it, the part where Q eats him, and how he got out, that gave this an auto 10/10,the slow motion and the eyes,it was perfect, the flash is amazing, this is one of the best stick fights ever, great sound effects, great fighting, love the effects, great job man, its awesome

i like it

thats a great flash,i was able to enjoy it from start to finish,your good, its great man, good job, i like it,


first, i want to thank you for letting me know about this, im disgusted i have not seen it until now, i have watched 1 to 4 right after one another, and all i can say is amazing, this is the only series on newgrounds that im really really enjoying, i just love your animation style, the jokes never get old and i cant stop laughing, i think ever one else in the house must think im off my head, thanks a lot PParreira, and i cant wait for the next ones to come, i cant get enough! il try get a few friends to have a look at it too, since i watched them right after each other, i can see that your getting better and better, good job bud, 10/10, i have only one word to sum it all up,, "astonishing"

PParreira responds:

thank you so much
your summed up review really cheered me up.
I wish I had more comments, but unfortunanly my serie didn't reach a big deal of viewers yet.
But i'll still keep uploading, I got lots of plans for this project of mine.

Thanks a lot once again =)


i really like the animations in this,great style, if it was a tv show that was on once a week i would watch it, great job,

PParreira responds:

Thank you =)
Im actually working on a flash serie, got 4 episodes so far.

why don't ya check it out? =]

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