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FortyMedals's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 345 (From 91 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 4,405 Points

Quietus II

Beginner Unlocked 8/28/12
5 Points
Beat 5 levels.
Initiate Unlocked 8/28/12
5 Points
Beat 10 levels.
Hopeful Unlocked 8/28/12
10 Points
Beat 15 levels.
Middleman Unlocked 8/28/12
10 Points
Beat 20 levels.
Finders, Keepers Unlocked 8/28/12
25 Points
Open 20 chests.
Talent 25 Points Beat 25 levels.
Worker 25 Points Beat 30 levels.
Spelunker 50 Points Beat 35 levels.
Angel 100 Points Beat the game.
Dedicated 100 Points Open all 40 chests.

Medals Earned: 5/10 (55/355 points)


Good Start Unlocked 11/11/12
5 Points
Collect all energy in the first level
Secret Area 1 10 Points Find the first secret area
Secret Area 2 10 Points Find the second secret area
Destroy The Universe 25 Points But before you do, think of all the kittens
Enemy Destroyer 25 Points Kill all enemies in Normal Mode
Energized 25 Points Collect all energy in Normal Mode
Rapid Shooter 25 Points Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds
Save The Universe 25 Points Finish the game in Normal Mode
Secret Area 3 25 Points Find the third secret area
Secret Area 4 25 Points Found the fourth secret area
Secret Area 5 25 Points Found the fifth secret area
Enemy Annihilator 50 Points Kill all enemies in Hard Mode
Enemy Fall 50 Points Make an enemy fall to his death
Re-Energized 50 Points Collect all energy in Hard Mode
Save The Universe Again 50 Points Finish the game in Hard Mode
Early Jet Pack Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/450 points)

Rats Away

Beginner Unlocked 12/11/12
25 Points
Completed 5 levels
Exterminator of Rats 25 Points Kill 50 rats
Brutal 50 Points Destroyed 10 kind rats
Burner 50 Points Kill 10 rats in the fire
Expert 50 Points Completed 20 levels
Saw Killer 50 Points 2 Weeks Ago
Water Master 50 Points Drown 15 rats
Winner 100 Points Completed the whole game

Medals Earned: 1/8 (25/400 points)

Reaching Finality

Impossible to go alone! Unlocked 8/14/12
5 Points
Get the pitchfork
Heart Master 50 Points Collect every heart in the game.
You Won! 50 Points Beat the game.
Daredevil 100 Points Beat the game with three hearts.

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/205 points)

Reincarnation: BB

Making the Bayou Bloody Unlocked 5/22/12
25 Points
Beat the game.

Medals Earned: 1/1 (25/25 points)

Relive Your Life

Meet Joe Black Unlocked 5/22/12
10 Points
This was hilarious to animate :)
100 MPH Spank! 10 Points Whoops! I hope you like wrinkles!
30 Rock Date 10 Points TFey and ABee come 2 save the Dee!
Big Mouth 10 Points Because bragging gets you nowhere.
Blind Runner 10 Points Daredevil ain't got nothin' on you.
Daytime TV Trio! 10 Points Oprah, Ellen, and Maury!? You lucky sonovagun!
Dead Mutant Baby 10 Points Death snagged you so young!
Dreamin' with Morgan Freeman 10 Points Yogurt.
Dressing in Drag 10 Points Rambo is quite the prankster!
Extra! Extra! 10 Points Check out any of the external links
FYI YOU'RE A SPY 10 Points Backstabbing yourself, low blow man.
Hellfire Injection 10 Points Time paid life's bill.
Hide 'n Seek 10 Points He hid for two hours you selfish jerk!
HomeRun! 10 Points Obeezy likes basketball, whoda thunk it?
Human Appliance 10 Points Science is bad, M'kay?
I ain't sayin' you a golddigger. 10 Points But you ain't messing with no broke.. nibroke ;)
Love at First Fight 10 Points Your sister figures out love the hard way.
Mee-Yow! 10 Points A WILD CatFight ensues!
Mutually Assured Destruction 10 Points Everything dies and it's all your fault.
My Hero. 10 Points No dead bunnies or kittens... for now.
Nice Save! 10 Points Obviously she's a keeper!
Puppy Love 10 Points Like OMG, Totes jelly.
Self Consumed Donut 10 Points Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin WHAT
Shoop Da Whoop! 10 Points Imma firin mah lazor!!!
Tails Never Fails 10 Points A classic for bidding!
The Amazing Quadrupede! 10 Points You're a flying transgender mutant! SUCCESS!!!!!
The Dr. Phil Tango 10 Points You pissed off Dr. Phil. Gj bro.
The Man Who Owns Time 10 Points "Dr. Who" They name you, "His life, so bizarre."
The Naked Mile 10 Points If I weren't legally obliged, I'd go nude too.
Ultimate Velocity Five! 10 Points You become Saint Awesome!
GODLIKE! 100 Points You shake hands with the Almighty himself!
Lives Worth Living! 100 Points You found all 29 different endings!

Medals Earned: 1/32 (10/500 points)

Road of the Dead

Hood Shaker Unlocked 10/7/11
5 Points
Knock an enemy off your hood by hitting the side walls
Gunslinger Unlocked 10/7/11
10 Points
Shoot an enemy off your hood with the pistol
Hydroficial Intelligence Unlocked 10/8/11
10 Points
Use a water jug to put off your burning engine
Don't Need Wheels Unlocked 10/7/11
25 Points
Drive 3 KM with all 4 tires blown
No Mercy Unlocked 10/7/11
25 Points
Hit 25 civilians
Road Warrior Unlocked 10/7/11
25 Points
Defeat a helicopter
Blunt Force Trauma 5 Points Do a 4 hits combo with zombies only
Flip Flop 10 Points Hit 16 enemies, alternating between zombie and soldier or vice versa
Meticulous 10 Points Kill 10 zombies at low speed
Quick Draw 25 Points Shoot a soldier while he's pointing his gun at you and before he shoots
Road Dominator 25 Points Hit 50 highway soldiers
Wise Man 25 Points Avoid 10 mutated zombies
Close Encounters 50 Points Get all 5 enemy types off your hood
Nuke Watcher 50 Points Exit the city with at least 15 seconds to spare
Pinball 50 Points Do a 3 hits vehicle collision combo
Speed Racer 50 Points Drive 0.5 KM at maximum speed
Tank 50 Points Buy all the upgrades
Time To Spare 50 Points Reach up to 45 seconds bonus time in Dead On Time
Top Gun 50 Points Dodge 10 carpet bombings
Zombie Sniper 50 Points Do 30 zombie splatter hits
Dead On Time 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Dead On Time
Hell's Angel 100 Points Beat Highway To Hell
One Man Army 100 Points Drive 10 KM in Police State
Survivor 100 Points Beat The Great Escape

Medals Earned: 6/24 (100/1,000 points)

Robot Adventure 2

Gold Unlocked 11/16/12
5 Points
You collect your first Gold Gear!
Spike Death Unlocked 11/16/12
5 Points
You die for spike hurt
Tutorial Level Unlocked 11/16/12
5 Points
You complete the first Level
Special Award Unlocked 11/16/12
10 Points
Get the special Award Object
Lava Death 5 Points You die in flames
Robot Death 5 Points You die by hitting a robot
Acid Death 10 Points Die on Acid
Electric Death 10 Points Die for electric traps
Final Battle 50 Points Get to the last Battle
Jetpack Recovered 100 Points Game Completed!

Medals Earned: 4/10 (25/205 points)


Betel Unlocked 10/4/12
10 Points
Slay Betel
Good job hunter! Unlocked 10/4/12
10 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Mogrimm Unlocked 10/4/12
10 Points
Vanquish Mogrimm
The Demon's were once... Unlocked 10/4/12
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Nocxis 25 Points Destroy Nocxis
Zippelnum 25 Points "Defeat" Zippelnum
Salem 50 Points Beat Salem
SalemPlus 50 Points Beat Salem on New Game+ Mode
Xil 50 Points Annihilate Xil and the Black Obelisk
ONWARD! 100 Points Beat the game on normal mode, in one sitting, without dying
But why? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Not very good at this are we... Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Oh Sellie... Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Over Sellie's head Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
You lied to me? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
The Finest Cranequin Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
What IS a man? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Possession Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
You forgot about Chu? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Not so insignificant Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 4/20 (55/500 points)


Deaf Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
The sound of silence...
Frotteurism Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
It's just too hard to resist...
Hospitalized Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Let's take this outside!
Quitter Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Only losers give up and go home alone.
Rejection Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Love hurts.
Scooter Rooter Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Fun to ride, but don't let anyone catch you on one.
The Flash Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Sometimes things are best kept to yourself!
Thirsty Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Nothing like that first taste of cold beer!
Violence Unlocked 4/1/11
5 Points
Put em up.
Alpha Male Unlocked 4/1/11
10 Points
Sometimes you just have to establish dominance.
Beached As Unlocked 4/1/11
10 Points
Ohh noo! She's beached as bru!
Booze Hound Unlocked 4/1/11
10 Points
Drink til you drop.
Cock Block Unlocked 4/1/11
10 Points
Chicks before dicks.
Hungry Unlocked 4/1/11
10 Points
They looked like mints, but they weren't at all!
Sleazebag Unlocked 4/1/11
10 Points
Can anyone say... Date rape?
Experimenting Unlocked 4/1/11
25 Points
Proven to double your chances!
Multicultural Unlocked 4/1/11
25 Points
Ahh... There's nothing like a little Asian takeaway!
True Gentleman Unlocked 4/1/11
25 Points
Treat her like a lady.
2's Company 3's... Unlocked 4/1/11
50 Points
...a hell of a good time!
Casanova Unlocked 4/1/11
50 Points
There's clearly no one that you can't please!
Score! Unlocked 4/1/11
100 Points
You are officially the master of scoring!

Medals Earned: 21/21 (380/380 points)